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Personal growth and Professional excellence.

About Us

At KINGS VALUE, we firmly believe that happy and self-fulfilled employees contribute to excellent job performance. Therefore, we are dedicated to achieving a win-win situation for both labor and management with every member of our team.

We respect and trust each and every employee, encouraging everyone in the team to unleash their creative potential and promoting effective communication among all team members. By joining KINGS VALUE, you will experience a culture of respect and trust, empowerment to explore your full creative potential, and a strong emphasis on effective communication within the team.

Become a part of Trend Micro today and embark on a journey towards personal growth and professional excellence.

Open Company Culture

We cultivate a culture of openness and encourage direct communication among employees at all levels, including peers.

We firmly believe that providing each other with honest advice and feedback is the quickest way for both the company and employees to progress and make necessary adjustments.

We value transparency and believe that open communication leads to continuous improvement and growth for everyone involved.

Supportive and Trusting Team

We emphasize teamwork among consultants, encouraging them to share their experiences and networks.

Through mutual exchange, consultants not only learn from each other but also expedite the job search process for candidates and help businesses find the right talent quickly.

Our culture of collaboration fosters a supportive and trusting environment, benefiting both consultants and the overall success of the company.

Personal Fulfillment and High-Performance Bonuses

We believe that everyone has an innate desire for self-fulfillment, and the workplace is an ideal arena for achieving it.

We are dedicated to assisting every consultant in their career success and sense of accomplishment.

Additionally, we offer high-performance bonuses as a reward for outstanding achievements. At Trend Micro, exceptional job performance not only brings a sense of fulfillment but also comes with generous performance bonuses as a valuable incentive.

Collaborating with International and Top Local Brands

We collaborate with multinational corporations and exceptional local businesses.

Joining KINGS VALUE allows you to engage with the most elite and talented professionals and hiring managers from various industries.

Through serving them, you will have the opportunity to witness their reasons for success and their personal achievements firsthand.

Being part of our team opens doors to connecting with top-notch individuals and gaining insights into what drives their accomplishments and individual excellence.